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clothes steamer g700
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Clothes steamer G700

Gecko-Steamer G700
High pressure garment steamer G700 4.5 bars 2600W, steam flow 50 g/min at 120°C. The most powerful steamer for use in the ready-to-wear store. The power of the steam guarantees efficiency on all fabrics and unequaled speed of work. You control the flow of steam continuously or in pulses from the diffuser. The high temperature of the steam eliminates...
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gecko-steamer clothes steamer g600
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Clothes steamer G600

Gecko-Steamer G600
4 bar high pressure clothes steamer. After a few minutes of heating, you have a large volume of steam, the flow of which you can manage continuously or in pulses and you easily remove the folds from all fabrics, even the thickest. This model is equipped with a diffuser with heated soleplate and adjustable temperature. Clothes steamer for household use...
€159.90 €189.90

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