Our company is the specialist supplier for companies and businesses that use the garment steamer on a daily basis. Since 1990, our devices have been used every day in the ready-to-wear boutiques of major brands and independent clothing stores, but also in theaters, museums, hotels, restaurants and all professional universes where fabrics must be smoothed out for an impeccable presentation.

For more than 10 years, we have provided private customers with access to a catalog of clothes steamers that are dedicated to domestic use. Today, the vertical steamer is establishing itself in every home as a real alternative to traditional ironing, ever more concerned with efficiency and protection of even the most fragile textiles. With a garment steamer there is no risk of burning or polishing a fabric! the guarantee of keeping the most beautiful aspect of your clothes for a long time.

The steam emitted by the steamer, with a minimum temperature of 100°C, can be used to sanitize, disinfect, revive colors, remove odors from your upholstery and bedding.

To choose your steamer correctly, you must first observe the offers by area of ​​use. Indeed, a professional appliance will not be more effective at home, because it is primarily designed for intensive use and to remove wrinkles on new fabrics. A household appliance has to do more work to smooth out clothes that undergo machine washing and drying, but very often for relatively short usage times.

Gecko-Steamer offers you low-pressure steamers and high-pressure steamers.

The low-pressure steamer is the standard model in clothing stores. It is very effective on most textiles. It is only used on new fabrics. At home, a low-pressure steamer is effective for all fragile textiles (wool, silk, velvet, lace, flocking, polyester, etc.) and all structured fabrics (mesh, pleated, embossed, etc.). It is the essential complement to your ironing solution.

The high pressure garment steamer is ideal for home use. The power of the steam allows a smoothing of all materials, even the thickest. Appliances equipped with an ironing table are a complete solution for laundry care: vertical steaming and horizontal ironing. In the professional context, the high pressure model G700 ensures efficiency and speed of work even on the thickest cottons.

All the description sheets for Gecko-Steamer steamers offer an exhaustive list of technical characteristics.

Electrical power is an important element that tells you how quickly the appliance produces steam. For a conventional garment steamer, this power has a direct relationship to the volume of steam emitted, for a pressurized steamer only affects the pressure rise time of the tank. This value is not the essential characteristic to make your choice, but it is important to anticipate the load on the electrical network that constitutes a clothes steamer in operation. You should consider as basic information for the performance of the device, the flow rate and the pressure of the steam. The greater the quantity of steam emitted, the faster the work.

The steam flow (g/min) is the volume of steam produced by your appliance. It is the useful work force that the steamer diffuses and that will have a direct impact on the efficiency of the steam depending on the type of fabric. There is always a tendency to want a large volume of "pressing effect" steam, and this is often a mistake, because too much steam can over-humidify the fabric and make it more sensitive to creases when handling it. The steam flow rates of the devices sold on this site are sufficient to meet all needs. A minimum of 35g/min is still required to have an efficient work.

The vapor pressure is as important as the flow. If you are steaming thin materials or new clothes, a pressure of 1 bar is sufficient. If you want to remove creases on thick materials like cotton, jeans… choose a pressure of 4 to 5 bars. "Who can do more can do less" "so you gain versatility in use.

All of our appliances are equipped with boilers designed to operate with tap water. Tap water is an economic and ecological resource that should be privileged. You will find in the instructions for use all the information you need to maintain and ensure the longevity of your steamer.

Our customer service is at your disposal to provide you with all the information and help you choose your clothes steamer.