Comparison Between Traditional Ironing and Vertical Steaming with a Steamer

1. Traditional Ironing with an Iron

Traditional ironing involves flattening fabric between a hot iron and an ironing board. Steam is often used to moisten the fabric, making it easier to remove wrinkles.

While this method is common, it imposes several constraints on textile fibers:

  • Thermal Constraint: Excessive temperature, often beyond 140°C for cotton, can reach up to 200°C. This risks burning the fabric, even if the damage is not always visible to the naked eye, thus accelerating aging and degrading the garment's durability.
  • Mechanical Constraint: The weight of the iron and the friction caused by its use lead to fiber wear, causing irreversible deformation of the fabric.

This type of ironing is not suitable for all fabrics, especially those sensitive to heat.

2. Vertical Ironing with a Garment Steamer

Vertical steaming, a technique favored by Gecko-Steamer, is distinctly different from traditional ironing. It requires neither an ironing board nor high temperatures, nor excessive pressure on the fabric.

The garment is hung on a hanger or stretched, and steam is applied directly to the fabric. This method allows the fibers to return to their natural state without damage.

Garment steamers are suitable for a wide range of textiles, from the most delicate (lace, microfiber, cashmere) to the heaviest (fleece, thick cotton, leather). Steamers are particularly effective for quickly and gently treating clothes without damaging them.

Less known than traditional ironing, vertical steaming is widely used in the clothing sector for its advantages: preservation of fibers, absence of marks or shine, and maintaining the quality of clothes in stores. Using a steamer is also ideal for those seeking a quick and efficient method to care for their clothes.

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3. Choosing Between a Steam Generator Iron and a Garment Steamer? Why Not Both?

Over the past decade, the garment steamer has become a popular household appliance, offering vertical ironing without risking delicate materials.

Vertical steaming is an effective and quick solution for modern textiles, often composed of blends of natural and synthetic fibers. However, it can show its limits with certain thick fabrics like denim or shirt fabrics, as a temperature of 100°C is sometimes not sufficient.

Some items, such as household linens, still require flat ironing. Pieces like pillowcases, dish towels, and sheets are difficult to steam vertically.


Gecko-Steamer offers with its models G600EL and G400EL "2-in-1" devices combining ironing and vertical steaming. Gecko-Steamer steamers are designed to provide a complete and practical solution for all your ironing and steaming needs.

The main advantage of these models is the production of pressurized steam, similar to a steam generator iron. This steam penetrates deeply into the fibers, facilitating wrinkle removal and improving ironing quality. Using a pressurized steamer allows efficient ironing of all types of fabric.

Additionally, the on-demand steam control via a button on the iron's handle optimizes the appliance's autonomy and avoids steam waste.

Gecko-Steamer's high-pressure models are also equipped with removable tables, offering a practical support surface for both ironing and steaming. This feature is particularly useful, as shown in the presentation video of the G600EL garment steamer. By using a Gecko-Steamer, you benefit from a complete and practical solution for maintaining your clothes.